"We're going to be really picky"

Ryan Jenkins
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Something that I hear from virtually every client that's buying a home that we've ever worked with: At the beginning they say, “we're going to be really, really picky.” And then about 10 or 15 showings in, they start to feel this pressure because they've looked at a few homes and they haven't made a decision and they start to say, “we must be your worst clients ever!” It's very common. There's a lot of psychological stress and trauma that happens during the home buying process. Lot of people say, “oh, we’ll make the home buying process easy for you!” It's not easy. It's really hard. But the result at the end is worth it. A couple weeks ago I had a client that had just started their search, found a home that they liked and they said, “do you think we should make an offer?” And I said, “well I think this home works for you on a lot of levels but I also don't think you've seen very many homes yet.” They were coming from out of state and the home that they ended up buying was very different and I thought was a better fit for them and so you need to understand that’s what you're going to go through. Your real estate agent needs to create a safe space for you to feel like you can look at a lot of homes. And if you put a property under contract and the inspection is not right, and you just get the wrong feeling, there needs to be a safe place to say, “it's okay to walk away from this home.” You only want to do this once, you want to make it the right fit for you, so just understand, have that relationship with your realtor, set that expectation. A lot of our clients look at 30 plus homes. A lot of times, it's six months between the time that they first contact us and they close on their house.

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