Should I buy now or wait?

Ryan Jenkins
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I've been fielding this question a lot latley...

Should I buy now or wait to see if rates fall further? The advantage of buying now is negotiating power, I looked at a home with a client this weekend, we agreed that we were getting about a $30,000 discount because we have to pay today's 6.2% interest rate. So, we started to run a scenario. Let's assume rates will drop 1% over the next year. So if you bought this house next year, that $500k mortgage would be $5,000 cheaper per year but the market would likely heat up. So that $30k discount might be gone, but if you locked in the discount today and could refinance next year, even though you had to pay $5,000 more while you wait to refi, you'd come out ahead, assuming that discount disappears. You're also going to pay down your mortgage by a $5k over that year, but you're going to have to pay $5K to refinance. So those things off set. Of course, this is all speculation. You've got to be comfortable with your payment if rates don't come down. But one thing is for sure, high interest rates are not solving the housing shortage. Buyers were getting squeezed when rates were low because a bidding wars, they're getting squeezed now because of high rates. There’s no free lunch. At some point. You have to jump in with the mindset that you are holding this property for 10 years or ideally forever. And regardless if you buy now or next year, things are going to work out. Even if you didn't buy at the bottom and prices fall further, you have the mindset that you're not selling this home. Even if you have to leave town, you rent the house, you don't sell it.

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