The Real Estate Due Diligence Process Podcast

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
Ryan Jenkins

A deep dive into the process of inspecting a home, performing a title search, appraisal and survey to find out if a home is suitable to buy. Should you inspect a new home? Should you get a sewer scope? Should you get a survey? What is a title search? These questions and others are discussed and helpful tips and anecdotes provided along the way. Thanks for listening!

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From the first step of using a mortgage calculator to actually beginning to look for a lender, home buyers don’t always know the right steps to take. The most common mistake I see buyers when shopping for a mortgage is getting quotes from a few different lenders over a period of days, weeks or even months. Since rates change daily, the only way to compare lenders on an even playing field is to get quotes from two or more banks on the same day. This will ensure an apples to apples comparison of fees. And don’t worry about getting your credit pulled more than once, your FiCO score considers all inquiries pulled within 45 days to be one single inquiry.

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